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Corrosion Laboratory Testing, Analysis Services

We provide Corrosion Laboratory Testing, Analysis And Calibration Services, Intergranular Corrosion (Igc) Testing Services, Astm A262 Testing, Astm B117 Salt Fog Testing, Spray Test. Our setup is situated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

With growing awareness of the losses due to corrosion, estimation of corrosion resistance of a material is necessary.

VSP has a team of dedicated personnel including senior metallurgists with over 15 years of experience in related fields who perform and monitor the corrosion studies to carry out the tests with utmost perfection.

VSP can carry out a number of corrosion tests based on Indian and International standards like :

Inter-granular Corrosion (IGC) Test as per ASTM A 262 :

Practice A : Oxalic Acid Etch Test

Practice B : Ferric Sulphate - Sulphuric Acid Test

Practice C : Nitric Acid Test

Practice E : Copper - Copper Sulphate - Sulphuric Acid

Practice F : Copper - Copper Sulphate – 50 % Sulphuric Acid

Salt Spray Test as per ASTM B-117

This is the most commonly used salt spray for testing inorganic and organic coatings, especially when such types of tests are used for material or product specifications. Salt Spray testing is a tool for evaluating the uniformity of thickness and the degree of porosity of metallic and non-metallic protective coatings. A number of samples can be tested simultaneously depending on their size.