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Corrosion Laboratory Testing, Analysis Services

The Presto salt spray test equipment is the most reliable equipment for checking the corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment. This time-tested product has been specifically designed to assess the rust-proof ability of components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. This Salt Spray Chamber from Presto Testing Instruments is as per ASTM B117 and JIS 2371 which is used for conducting Neutral Salt Spray Test or NSS test on Meta Surface Coatings. This salt spray testing machine is used for checking the resistance of the coating towards corrosive environment. We provide quality testing . Our SST chamber is designed to test the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings in simulated corrosive environments
Our extensive Corrosion Lab allows us to price exposure testing at a competitive hourly rate. We offer incremental inspections during the duration of exposure, as well as grading, photographic and report documentation upon completion. The salt spray test is a standardized test method (ASTM B117) used to check corrosion resistance of coated or non-coated metallic samples. Since coatings can provide a high corrosion resistance through the intended life of the part in use, it is necessary to check corrosion resistance at an accelerated rate. Salt fog testing is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack to the coated samples in order to predict its suitability in use as a protective finish.
The appearance of corrosion products (oxides) or coating adhesion is evaluated after a period of time. Test duration depends on the corrosion resistance of the coating; the more corrosion resistant the coating is, the longer the period in testing without showing signs of corrosion. VSP offers numerous cabinets conforming to ASTM B117 in order to provide the most cost-effective test program to our clients. We typically start your test upon receipt and our depth of facilities allows us to accommodate samples of various sizes. We provide professional photography in order to document performance changes in your product.


♦ Salt Spray Test / Salt Fog

♦ Test on corrosion resistance of coated or uncoated samples

♦ Test durations range from 24 to 2,000 hours

♦ We professional photography in order to document performance changes in your product